Welcome to WKA

Nakayama Yosiharu 10th Dan
International association of Kobudo invites for collaboration. Our association develops kobudo as a kind of sport based at the traditional Japanese art war. The association invites all styles and trends of martial arts for participation in competitions due to the rules of WKA . Any organization which admits the rules of WKA can take part in competitions. To become the part of WKA there is no need of payment of membership dues, it is just necessary your wish to be the part of united family of kobudo and assisting with development of this new kind of sport.WKA holds competitions due to the 4th trends:
  1. Traditional Kata with weapons of Okinava type is appraised according to overall impression, accuracy of trajectory of movements, fixation of movements, strong position, trajectory (Look kata rules )
  2. Tayho dzutsu (technics demonstration) competitions have 2 rounds. The first one demonstrates the sport technics against competitor. The second one is single combat with usage of Okinava weapons. The winner is identified by the results of 2 rounds. (Lookh Tayho dzutsu rules )
  3. Kumite with nung-chaku. Before striking a blow it is essential to make 4 different interceptions. Monotonous techniques and uncontrolled movements are forbidden.
  4. Nippon kempo fights should be hold with safety control. Competitions have full contact, throws, breaks, crushing are permitted (Look Nippon kempo rules).
Except competitions, moreover seminars, certifications and hold. For affiliation into the WKA you should fill in blank form (Look blank form). You would take part in all the arrangements and activities we organize.
Tanaka Kosiro 9th Dan
Dear friends and masters of martial arts! Art war is deeply rooted in the past times, but nevertheless in our contemporary world it has not lost its functional purpose. Kobudo traditions were passed on from one generation to another – from master to pupil. WKA develops kobudo as sport but also keeps up ancient traditions. I invite you to become a part of our organization and have active position in development of new promising kind of sport such as kobudo. It is time to show all other world beauty and appeal of traditional Japanese old way of warrior. In competitions in fair play kobudo would get opportunity of development.
Kuznetsov Aleksey 7th Dan
Kobudo means old way of warrior. This unique military system still exists nowadays. In our contemporary world lots of techniques were adapted in different special military departments and traditional techniques you can see only at the competitions. There is real opportunity to appraise genuine art and knowledge of warrior traditions at competitions. Only sportsmen who possess strong spirit and iron will are capable of fighting for world title. Learning the art of kobudo without competitions is the same as warrior who learns martial art but doesn’t fight.